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Wealth Management


The HUBER & Co. Ltd. wealth manager provides advisory services for any questions relating to finance, asset management and estate planning. He works on mandate and solely in the interests of his client.

Together you determine your investment policy relative to your needs and expectations.

He transmits all instructions needed for the management of your account with the custodian bank. You no longer have to be preoccupied that orders are accurately executed. HUBER & Co. Ltd. takes responsibility to verify the proper execution of transactions and application of fees and prices.

Together with the custodian bank, your wealth manager prepares the documents detailing the structure of your portfolio, its performance during a specified period in your reference currency.

Wealth Management

Custodian bank

Clients of HUBER & Co. Ltd. eventually open an account with a banking institution– the custodian bank – and grant HUBER & Co. Ltd. a management mandate. This relationship arises because HUBER & Co. Ltd. is not a bank and therefore, can not open such an account.

The custodian bank of your account is responsible for the execution of all orders placed by HUBER & Co. Ltd. in your name.

The bank undertakes part of the administrative tasks for your account and offers HUBER & Co. Ltd. an IT structure which supplies all the real-time financial market information as well as offering conferences and recommendations. This information supports HUBER & Co. Ltd. to adjust the asset allocation taking into account the latest political and economic trends.

To guarantee its independence and to offer the most diversified range of financial products, HUBER & Co. Ltd. works with numerous, internationally-renowned banks.

Wealth Management 2

Client / Manager / Bank

You are a client of the custodian bank holding your account and you entrust HUBER & Co. Ltd with the day-to-day management of your assets.

Together we define your investment policy and thereafter HUBER & Co. Ltd manages and is responsible for the administration of your assets.

The custodian bank of your account is responsible to execute the orders passed by HUBER & Co. Ltd.

HUBER & Co. Ltd
verifies that the orders are executed accurately, at the correct price and with the proper application of fees.

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