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  • You have not found the recognition and level of service you are seeking with traditional financial intermediaries,
  • You are interested in personalized and optimized asset management* and advisory services,
  • You are looking for stable and sound financial investments that are independently chosen,
  • Your financial holdings are complex and you expect proficient estate planning services,
  • You are seeking an enduring relationship with an accessible advisor.

With HUBER & Co. Ltd. we offer you an independent advisor to guide you in the management and optimization of your estate.

*Estate from 250,000.- euros


Choosing an independent wealth manager

Your profile corresponds to the services offered by an independent wealth manager because you seek personalized advisory services from a completely accessible professional.

To manage your estate, your manager offers extensive financial market experience and aptitude and defines with you an investment policy that responds to your needs and (return) expectations.

Your manager transmits all the purchase and sell orders to the custodian bank for you account. You no longer have to be preoccupied that orders are accurately executed since it is your manager that instructs the bank in your name.

During regular meetings with your manager, we will present you with clear and accurate documents outlining the structure of your portfolio, its performance and in your reference currency.

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